Sunday, December 28, 2014

A new year brings new published writings. Forthcoming publications in 2015.

“From Surveillance to Torture: The Evolution of U.S. Interrogation Practices during the War on Terror,” Security Journal (forthcoming Spring 2015).

 “Proletarian Literature from the Bottom Up: Workers and Poetry during the Rise of the CIO,” American Quarterly (forthcoming June 2015).

“Postage and Power: U.S. Nationalism and the 1970s ‘Bicentennial’ and ‘Americana’ Stamp Series,” Journal of Social History (forthcoming Fall 2015)

“The State Response to Occupy: Surveillance and Suppression,” in Todd A. Comer, ed., What Comes After Occupy? The Regional Politics of Resistance (forthcoming 2015).

“A White Man in the Colored Bronx,” in Teresa A. Booker, ed., Race and Urban Communities: An Interdisciplinary Approach (University of Akron Press, forthcoming 2015).

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