Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FOIA request to FBI, Howard Zinn

David M. Hardy, Chief
Record/Information Dissemination Section
Records Management Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

Dear Mr. Hardy:

I am writing to you about my FOIPA Request No.: 1149655-000. My request was for FBI records on Howard Zinn, who is deceased.

In your letter dated June 17, 2010, you indicated the Zinn file is estimated to be 465 pages and asked if I would pay hard paper copying costs of $36.50 or $15 if processed in an electronic form on CD-ROM. You also asked if I wanted to reduce the scope of my FOIA request to expedite processing.

First, the estimate of 465 pages seems small. I question whether you did an adequate search of the Zinn file. If necessary, I plan to appeal to the Office of Information Policy at DOJ.

Second, I will pay whatever costs are associated with this request. Please note that in my records request, I asked for release in an electronic form on CD-ROM. I believe processing the file in electronic form is in the public interest.

Third, I do not wish to reduce the scope of my records request.


Ivan Greenberg
2105 Wallace Ave. #5A
Bronx, NY 10462