Monday, March 1, 2010

Table of Contents, "The Dangers of Dissent"

The Dangers of Dissent: The FBI and Civil Liberties since 1965
By Ivan Greenberg


Liberating Information
Bottom-Up Responses to Repression
Oversight and Accountability

Chapter 1. State Crimes
“Counter-Intelligence” Methods
The FBI Encourages Violence
Advice on Fighting Repression
“Testilying” and Falsification

Chapter 2. The Evolution of Seventies Spying
COINTELPRO Aims and Ends
Congressional Questioning
Surveillance of the Left
Senate Church Committee
Black Bag Jobs
Carter Appoints a New Director

Chapter 3. Has the FBI Really Changed?
Reagan Revives the FBI
Spying on the Nuclear Freeze Movement
Spying on Black Americans
Surveillance of Right-wing Groups

Chapter 4. The Need for Enemies after the Cold War
Enemies at the Millennium
Peace Dividend
Who are the Terrorists?

Chapter 5. The Terror Scare
Denver, New York City
“October Plan”
Violations, Watch Lists and Databases

Chapter 6. Information Flow and Political Policing
FBI Power and the FOIA
Early Lawsuits
Police Legitimacy
Concealing the Identities of Informers
The Privacy Act

Chapter 7. Suing the FBI for Spying
Old Left Plaintiffs
Race and the FBI
New Left Plaintiffs
Plainttiffs Losses

Chapter 8. The FBI in the Surveillance Society
No Place to Hide
One Big Database?