Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Surge in FOIA requests to FBI"

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 09:46:01 -0500
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Sender: State and Local Freedom of Information Issues

From: "Dr. Ivan Greenberg"
Subject: Surge in FOIA requests to FBI

The new DOJ Annual FOIA Report indicates that the FBI received 17,241 requests in 2008, a major increase over 12,509 requests in 2007. This is a positive sign for openness. While secrecy increased under the Bush administration, change is in the air. FOIA requests are one indicator of bottom-up ferment among the general population. To give historical perspective, since 1974 FBI FOIA requests reached the 17,000 level only three times. This occurred at the time of the Millennium (1999, 2000, 2001). Then came 9/11 and requests dramatically declined.

Ivan Greenberg, Ph.D.

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